Discover How StainlessSwim Pools Keep Cool in the Texas Heat!

Understanding Water Temperature Concerns

Many of our potential customers have expressed concerns about water temperatures in metal pools during the hot Texas summer, fearing the water may become too hot for comfort. It’s important to clarify that StainlessSwim pools are designed differently from traditional stock tanks, which can indeed get uncomfortably warm due to their shallow depth and smaller size. Stock tanks often max out at 2ft in depth and 10ft in diameter, limiting the water volume and allowing the sun to quickly heat the entire pool.

The StainlessSwim Difference

StainlessSwim’s custom tank pools start at 12ft and extend up to 27ft in diameter, with a standard depth of 4ft. This significantly larger capacity means our pools are less affected by the sun’s heat compared to stock tanks. Here’s how we keep things cool:

  • Greater Depth and Capacity: The 4ft depth of our pools means that sunlight penetrates less effectively, keeping the water cooler.
  • Bottomless Design: Our pools facilitate cooling from the ground up, leveraging the earth’s natural coolness.
  • Semi-In-Ground Option: For even cooler temperatures, our pools can be installed semi-in-ground, further insulating the water from the hot air.
  • Foam Insulation: We use foam insulation on the interior walls, which helps maintain comfortable water temperatures.

Hear from those who’ve made the switch to StainlessSwim and experience the difference for themselves on our reviews page.

Dispelling Myths About Metal Surface Heat

A common misconception is that the metal walls of our pools become too hot to touch. This simply isn’t the case. The water inside acts as a cooling agent, ensuring the metal walls stay at a safe, even cool, temperature. Our clients are often surprised to find the metal cooler than the ambient outdoor temperature.

For the Optimal Experience

Though our pools are designed to remain comfortable even in direct sunlight, for the ultimate cool and refreshing swim, we recommend installing your StainlessSwim pool in a shaded area. Additionally, we offer heat and cool units for those looking to precisely control their pool temperature. Start designing your ideal pool escape with a custom quote.


StainlessSwim’s custom tank pools offer a refreshing alternative to traditional stock tank and in-ground pools, especially during the sweltering Texas summers. With thoughtful design features that keep the water and metal surfaces cool, alongside options for further temperature control, our pools ensure a comfortable swim all summer long. Comparable to public pool temperatures and cooler than the Texas heat, a StainlessSwim pool is your ticket to a perfect backyard oasis.

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