Why Upgrade Your Stock Tank Pool to a StainlessSwim Tank Pool: Bigger, Deeper, and More Durable


For many homeowners in Austin, TX, and Dallas (DFW), the allure of a backyard pool is undeniable, especially when the Texas heat hits its peak. Stock tank pools have been a popular choice for their ease of installation and rustic charm. However, as our needs evolve and we seek more from our backyard oases, the limitations of traditional stock tanks become apparent. Enter StainlessSwim tank pools—the premier choice for those ready to elevate their outdoor living space.

The Benefits of Going Bigger: Size Matters

Size Limitations of Traditional Stock Tanks

Traditionally, stock tank pools max out at 10 feet in diameter. While this might suffice for a quick dip, it falls short for families looking to truly enjoy their pool experience.

The StainlessSwim Difference: Spacious and Inviting

Our StainlessSwim pools start at 12 feet and extend up to an impressive 27 feet in diameter. This significant size upgrade means more room for swimming, play, and relaxation. Imagine hosting pool parties, swimming laps, or simply lounging in a spacious body of water that’s all your own.


  • More space means more fun and functionality.
  • Accommodates larger groups, making your backyard the go-to spot for gatherings.
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal, transforming your outdoor area into a luxurious retreat.

Plunging Deeper: The Advantage of Increased Depth

The Shallow Reality of Stock Tanks

With a depth of only about 2 feet, traditional stock tanks barely allow for more than sitting or wading.

Plunge into a StainlessSwim Pool

Our pools boast a standard depth of 4 feet, with the option to customize up to 5 feet. This depth enhancement is a game-changer for pool enthusiasts.


  • Safer swimming experience, especially for families with children.
  • Diverse pool activities, from aerobic exercises to swimming lessons.
  • Cooler water temperatures, as deeper pools can maintain a more refreshing temperature during the hot summer months.

The Liner Difference: Durability Meets Style

Rust Issues in Traditional Stock Tanks

Without a liner, traditional stock tanks are prone to rusting, compromising both the water quality and the pool’s longevity.

Our Solution: High-Quality Vinyl Liners

StainlessSwim pools are equipped with durable vinyl liners, preventing rust and ensuring a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing pool experience.


  • Enhanced durability, protecting your investment for years to come.
  • Easier maintenance, thanks to the protective barrier the liner provides against algae and debris.
  • Customizable looks, with a variety of liner patterns and colors to choose from.

Professional Equipment vs. Small Filters: A Clear Difference

One of the most significant upgrades with StainlessSwim pools is the use of professional pool equipment. Unlike stock tanks that rely on small, often inadequate filters, our pools are designed with high-performance filtration systems to ensure crystal clear water and optimal hygiene.


Upgrading from a traditional stock tank pool to a StainlessSwim tank pool means embracing a bigger, deeper, and more durable solution for your backyard paradise. With StainlessSwim, your dream of a luxurious, spacious pool tailored to your Austin or Dallas home is within reach. Plunge into the future of backyard pools; choose StainlessSwim.

Get a quote today and transform your outdoor space with a StainlessSwim tank pool.

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